Nick Afton

For a guy who complained about doing this, he was the first one of us to actually do this. Nick would do anything for anyone he loves. That includes taking time away from his amazing family to help me start my dream job. I’m forever grateful and in return, I put him to work as the Team Manager. His job is to promote fun on bikes. If you ever see him out on his bike with a frown on his face, tell him to smile. He’ll love it. 😂


Get to Know Nick


Nick Afton

Why Common Bond:

Because Bob made me? Honestly, just cause Bob is awesome and I think the mobile bike setup is great! 

What is your “real” job:

The one that I enjoy? Being a dad and husband. Wife is Lindsey, 3 girls (Charlotte – would be 4.5, lost at birth, Maggie – 3.5, Ellie – 1.5) 

The one that pays the bills? Tile Contractor (residential remodel and new construction). Yes. I do showers, floors, backsplashes, etc.. And other trades too, but only if I like you. 

Favorite bike event:

Any one of the three 906 events in Marquette area 

  •  MARJI gesick 100
  • The Crusher 
  • Polar Roll 

Most memorable bike ride:

2018 Marji Gesick 100 on a single speed. My first finish of the MG100, the year after my wife and I lost our first child, Charlotte. No bike ride is too hard after that hell. Lots of tears were shed that weekend. 

Biggest bike related risk you’ve taken:

🤷🏼‍♂️ I tend to be more conservative with risks while riding. Meaning, you likely won’t see me doing any Red Bull rampage type stuff anytime soon. 

Biggest bike related achievement:

One thing you always take with you on a ride:

My entire tool box. 🙄 I was mechanic locally for the better part of a decade, so I tend to have more tools and random parts than I will ever need on a 25-30 mile ride. But. I can think of one time I didn’t have what I need to fix someone else’s bike. 

Worst bike related crash/injury:

Many years ago (I was 18-19 maybe), I was attempting to keep up with this ‘local legend’ type named Jeff Jacobi on the “dessert loop” at a local trail. I was pushing my limits and clipped a small tree, which threw me over the handlebars into another small tree (3-4″ diameter) which snapped in two. Broke my helmet, ripped a jersey, and covered in dirt. But the bike was okay. And I was young, so I bounced back quickly.  

What song gets you hyped before a ride:

“The wheels on the bus” 

Craziest thing you’ve ever seen on a bike:

This question makes no sense. Trump flags?

Tell me a joke:

Why does the Norwegian navy have barcodes on their ships? 

So they can Scandinavian.

Favorite bike:

2015 trek stache single speed. 29+ with some velocity duallys laced to Chris King hubs. The bike has almost 10k miles on it per strava, majority of which is single speed setup. 

Favorite part on your bike:

On my stache? The wheels (custom tye dye velocity duallys on king hubs) or the shimano m785 disc brakes. 

But I also love my OG 29r (2001 Gary Fisher Mt Tam 29) setup with drop bars and my Avid Black Ops rim brakes. 

Favorite bike tool:

Crank Brothers Y16 multitool. Hands down the best multitool for a former mechanic

Favorite rider:

People actually have time in their lives to follow pro athletes? 🤦🏼‍♂️ 

Carbon, aluminum, or steel:

You forgot titanium. But if I were to pick out of those three choices, steel. Carbon cracks, aluminum hurts. 

SRAM or Shimano:

The world’s most loaded question…

– shimano for drop bars hands down, and shimano disc brakes for flatbar mountain bikes 

– sram gripshift (yes, gripshift) for mountain bikes if it isn’t setup single speed

RockShox or Fox:

A dropper post. Not made by either company. And rigid is way better than suspension. 

Electronic or mechanical:

In general, mechanical. Single speed is only mechanical. And especially if it is a touring or Enduro style bike. You may not always have access to charging. 

That being said, I do like having some electronic shifty bits. It makes me feel special.

Famous last words:

You forgot to ask my favorite ride snacks. And favorite food. 🙄 

Snacks from the gas station – Redbull, almond snickers, salt and vinegar kettle chips, and jerky, pizza

Snacks from home – nature’s Bakery fig bars, belgian waffles

If I could have only one food for the rest of my life. Soft shell tacos. 

Really, I’m the type of person who goes for bike rides to have fun. Unlikely you will ever see me on the podiums these days, but you will see me out there, trying to have fun with a smile on my face. And I will finish. Even if I’m last. 

Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive. – some movie line, but a good one to live by