Anabel Miller

I think the first time I met Anabel was when she was 12 or 13. She was just a kid who loved riding bikes. Little did she know that she was already a good rider. Not the “good for her age” good. Like comparing times with the adults, good. 

Fast forward to 2021.

5th place. Sophomore High School National Championships in Winter Park, Colorado. Also placing 20th in 15-16 year old Short track and 32nd in 15-16 year old National Championships, respectively.

She isn’t on this team for her race results. She’s humble and respectful. She doesn’t get upset if a race doesn’t go her way, unless it’s my fault. She learns from her mistakes and builds off that. She looks at bikes differently than most 16 year olds. Something I can relate to. We also have similar tastes in music. 


Get to Know Anabel


Anabel Miller

Why Common Bond:

Bob is an amazing mechanic and he has helped me a lot to get ready for big races and trips for the past few years.  One time I was having shifting issues right before leaving for nationals and he made time to help get my bike ready to race!

What is your “real” job:

I’m a high schooler 

Favorite bike event:


Most memorable bike ride:

A ride I went on in North Carolina at Pisgah.  We rode a bunch of different trails with tons of climbing and saw some stuff that surprised me that people could actually ride.  It was a super pretty and amazing ride in a really cool place.  That day, we rode Middle Black (tried), lower black, sycamore, and north slope.

Biggest bike related risk you’ve taken:

I tried to ride Middle Black Downhill at Pisgah before they did reroutes in 2021.  Lower black was fun but let’s just say that middle black was a few levels above what I’m able to ride right now…

Biggest bike related achievement:

5th place at USAC 2021 XCO Sophomore Girls Nationals!

One thing you always take with you on a ride:

 A fruit strip for snacks because snacks are very important.

Worst bike related crash/injury:

Thought it would be fun to try out racing road bikes.  Crashed and broke my thumb on the third race I did going pretty fast in 2020.  The closest I’ve gotten to road racing since that is gravel.

What song gets you hyped before a ride:

“Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance or pretty much anything by Alkaline Trio

Craziest thing you’ve ever seen on a bike:

Saw a bear cross right in front of us in Winter Park, CO on a bike path last year. My mom, friend, and I were sort of freaking out.  Also, the Hounds of Smyrna are these tiny but fierce and furious chihuahuas that chase you down at 5mph every time you go past their house.

Favorite bike:

Ibis DV9

Favorite part on your bike:

I have a sweet Ferda Girls headset cap on my Fatback Skookum.

Favorite bike tool:

An agricultural chemical sprayer but put water in it and it’s great for cleaning bikes.

Favorite rider:

How can I choose one??  Kate Courtney, Evie Richards, Jolanda Neff, Pauline Ferrand-Prevot, Marianne Vos, Gwendalyn Gibson, Rose Grant, Sofia Gomez Villafane, Katerina Nash, Haley Batten, Savillia Blunk, Cole Paton, Christopher Blevins, Rebecca McConnel, Emily Battey, Blanka Kata Vas.

Carbon, aluminum, or steel:


SRAM or Shimano:


RockShox or Fox:

Last year I had RockShox, this year I had Fox…so Fox?

Electronic or mechanical:

Mechanical because that’s what I have and it works.

Famous last words:


And to answer the question about food: Otisco Bakery is the best mid-ride food, whatever they have that day.